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Fully Integrated Enterprise System

Space Warehouse operates under a fully integrated enterprise system, system allows for significant customization by our programmers to specifically suit the requirements of our Customers and in-house users. Specially designed to operate as one cohesive data tracking system, from product receipt to the final delivery at the end user's. The "Warehouse Management System", "Transportation Management System" and "Order Management System" are fully integrated to effectively manage inventory from product receipt to the final destination.

Inventory and Shipment Tracking

Space warehouse services is the source for reliable, up-to-date, accessible information. Our enterprise system provides hourly updates to the Customers to check delivery status and inventory. Clients can e-mail this data to Customers or other members of the organization, which proves helpful for inventory reconciliation purposes. Order tracking is also available on-line, and in cases where Space manages the shipment of the order, an image of the signed POD (Proof of Delivery) can also be accessed.

Safety and Security

Our prime focuse to deliver goods safely to end users. Our automated packaging services entail taking ordered goods out of stock and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer. With the established labor force, processes, and packaging equipment in place, Space warehouse provides reliable fulfillment service to its customers.

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Space Warehouse have standard process and ISO 9002 certified company.

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